A Health and Wellness brand campaign platform for the leading natural mineral water brand


TenFour was asked by AVRA Natural Mineral Water to give substance and materialise a new brand communication platform which will engage and connect users with the brand. The new brand platform named “AVRA – Everyday a better life” was everything the brand needed. An extrovert campaign with high value content that motivates people to start doing small daily tasks to be well and feel well. A grassroots approach as essential to people as water to life.


We first created the home of the brand campaign. A fresh new approach on how the little things in life can make a big overall difference in the way we are, feel and act. Provided scientific content in an easy to digest and sharable tips format rotating around the improvement of the body, the mind and daily mood.

See the project: www.avrachallenge.gr


Facebook is the place of interaction with real people. It is the social board, the touchpoint with the community and the place the brand can connect with them. Having a substantial AVRA fan base, all we had to do was to roll the campaign out to the people in a social and interesting manner.

We invited people to the brand and started our first discussion. We wanted to know what people do that makes them happy and live a more well–balanced life. We let them tell us, through text, images and ultimately create their own simple and creative board of manifestation. And we rewarded them for that through a gamification mechanism.

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