A gamification platform for being better at life!


WWF Greece new initiative “Kalyteri Zoi” (Better Life) builds an online community of information, networking and people activation around smaller and bigger issues in our everyday life, like nutrition, city life, consumption, energy, and transportation. The impact of all these issues is evident in our lives. How does one act on that?


We strategically designed to built a full gamification platform on which people could really interact for a long time. Not many sites are able to keep their users engaged for a long time especially when promotional resources are set to a bare minimum. We had to re-design the user experience from scratch based on the belief that attractive design, seamless usability, use of high-end technologies and quality rewarding would grasp users’ attention and commitment to the purpose. After all, it’s in the game.


The new platform is based on three basic pillars of actionability: LEARN-ACT-NETWORK. It offers strong gamification characteristics and mechanisms that enhance the user engagement and ultimately the overall experience.

Through the newly website “Kalyterizoi.gr”,users undertake and complete weekly missions, get information about current city happenings and are encouraged to participate by any means available. The integrated user leaderboard enables user networking regarding daily city missions organised by individuals while the numerous content on the subjects acts as a trustworthy source for news, new researches, best practices and inspirational initiatives.

WWF’s initiative was highly welcomed by the school community as well; therefore, it consists of two distinct sections: one for individual users and one for the school community tailored to encourage participation of schools by addressing both students and teachers. The platform provides valuable educational material and lessons for acting and participating on issues that affect the environment or other people. This school program is authorised by the Chamber of Education.

See the project: www.kalyterizoi.gr

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